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Class readings

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Class readings page



Welcome! In this section, you will find all the readings per units. This readings that we have worked on during the course QUIM 3045. All of these readings are in document form to be downloaded. The book used in the class is Cambridge English for Scientists, above you can see the cover of the book.



 1. Unit 1. Project Summary (pag 9.) A 3-D odor-compass for odor-detecting robots.docx

 2. Unit 2. Extracts(critical review) (page 17) Ryuchi's notes on how chocolate can relieve stress (1).docx  

 3. Unit 2. How to write a critical review critical_review.pdf

 4. Unit 2. Material transfer agreement material transfer form (Quim 3045).docx

 5. Unit 3. How geckos stick to surfaces (page 28)  How geckos stick to surfaces.docx

 6. Unit 4. Extract from a student website about the scientific method Extract from a student website.docx

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