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Class project

Page history last edited by Angeliz Peña 6 years, 10 months ago

Class Project page


In this section you will find my final project on Biomimicry. This project was in collaboration with my partner Lianette Villanueva. We begin with a proposal that involves nature with humans and science. Then the research paper will be found, which will be discussed more thoroughly on the chosen topic. Finally, a video will present our final project by means of photos.


We in our final work linked nature with the problems that many of the people had at night. That is why we decided to create a proposal to better facilitate night hunting for hunters. Imitating the ability of the fish that live in the bottom of the sea to create night goggles. These will allow them to see hunters in the dark without the need for light.


1. The proposal: Biomimicry Proposal.docx

2. The research paper: Glasses to help hunters and other people to see in the darkL.doc

3. VoiceThread:


Comments (1)

Lianette Villanueva said

at 10:48 pm on Jul 9, 2017

This project looks so interesting! I think it's a good idea to imitate nature in order to find solutions to everyday problems. One day I would like some glasses to look in the dark.

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