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Best work

Page history last edited by Angeliz Peña 6 years, 11 months ago

My Best Work


Welcome! At the end of the 2017 semester I had to select the best job I have done. 

After several works I will select the one that I consider to be the best work and which I really enjoyed doing. was very difficult to select one since all were very important for my development, both personally and professionally.


In this section as my best work you will find the Resume along with the Cover Letter. I chose this work because it is important to have a good resume to apply to my work of interest. In QUIM 3045 I learned how to do both jobs, since I was totally unaware of how to do them. t is very important to have up to date and how to know how to do these two works.



Cover Letter:Cover letter.docx

Resume: Resume final.docx

Comments (2)

Lianette Villanueva said

at 10:40 pm on Jul 9, 2017

The resume was one of my best jobs this semester too. This document it's important in the professional life. I suggest you to use a specially designed paper for this purpose (the resume).

Angeliz Peña said

at 10:58 pm on Jul 9, 2017

I had no idea how to make a good resume according to the job I wanted. Thanks for the recommendation.

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