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Online classes

Page history last edited by Angeliz Peña 6 years, 11 months ago

My Saturdays Classes  

On this page you can find works done every Saturday online. Due to a time recess by an indefinite strike of the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao. This page is approximately 25% of the class. 


Theme & Date:   Assignments: 

Unit 3. Taking part in a meeting 

June 17, 2017

Choose 25 from a list of common expressions in the meetings and translate them into Spanish. quizlet.pdf


Unit 4. Scientific Paper Parts 

June 24, 2017

Search a document related to the chemistry and identify its sections and what has been included in each one, without going into details. Chemistry research paper: poa70028_792_797.pdf

Scientific parts guide: guide-for-writing-in-chemistrypdf-2.pdf

Final Project

June 1,2017

Watch the following video and make a summary of the main ideas to be able to write the introduction of the final project. Use this video in the bibliography and use direct quotes from the video to support the research.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf4oW8OtaPY



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Lianette Villanueva said

at 10:53 pm on Jul 9, 2017

Nice pic! Maybe it's hard to take class every Saturday, but this is for our future. When I do the "Taking part in a meeting" assignment, I learn some new English words.

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